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Welcome to the HAMCAM's
Front Door Page!

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2) Log into a room below. ↓

3) Give your browser permission to use your mic and camera.

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 Daily - 15:00 to 16:30 UTC. 

AmateurWire Video Chat room. Someone is usually here all day.

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Sat. at 15:30 UTC (10:30 AM CST)

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Video Chat Rooms for
Licensed Ham Radio Operators:

As ham radio evolves, new ways to communicate appear. These days, RF digital text modes like FT8 and digital voice modes like Allstar, and Echolink are quite popular and computers are now handling much of what used to be done by antennas and transceivers. Live Video has become part of our lives, and ham radio is taking advantage it.

The first column features links to several different chat rooms, for use by Licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Each room has it's unique uses and personality. Most rooms are available 24/7.

The second column lists the latest ham operators and room ID, time, and date. If you monitor this page, a "doorbell" will alert you to activity in these rooms. Ham Radio Callsigns that are blinking have entered a room in the last two minutes. Instruction for muting the doorbell feature are shown at the bottom of the list.

If you find yourself in an empty Video Chat Room, consider staying in the room for at least 2 minutes minutes.
If others hams are monitoring, this will give them time to join you.

The third column lists ham radio callsigns that have been active reciently. Click on a callsign, and it will take you to where you can learn more about this ham.

When you select a ham chat room to visit, make sure to give your browser permission to use your microphone and your camera. They will stay active only until you leave the chat room.

If you meet a fellow ham using some other mode and wish to invite them to join you here, tell them to visit:   and they will show up here. Let them know which room you will be in.


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